Dance tracks and levels Dance tracks and levels

Brava offers two tracks within our Program: Brava Studio program and an Intensive Track.

Brava Studio Program (dance classes open to all dancers)
This is a progressive, comprehensive program, offering classes in ballet, jazz, tap and lyrical and hip hop for dancers looking to study the discipline and technique of dance.  Studio track offers students the oppotunity to focus on all styles of dance or to choose one style.  All Studio Track dancers age 4.5 and older, will perform in the end of the year Spring Performance.

Full Time Studio Program (2x per week ballet required, open to all dancers)

This is for dancers who are enrolled in Studio Track who train across all styles, ballet, jazz tap or hip hop.  Full time studio track dancers level 3 and up take ballet 2x per week and can take pre-pointe and pointe (subject to individual pointe evaluation).  Mini Session is required for any full time studio track dancer who is working toward or is on pointe. See additional requirements for Pointe.

Intensive Track(invitation only, starting in 3rd grade)
This is a serious program dedicated to the dancer who displays an advanced level of technique and ability. Dancers on the intensive track also demonstrate an extra commitment to dance and take a minimum of 5 hours of technique classes per week (4 hours for Level 1 dancers). These dancers study extensively in all areas of dance and may aspire to dance in Brava’s Competitive Teams (Apprentice and Core) Dancers in Intensive Track dance year round, including Mini Session and Summer. 

Intensive Track enrollment is for the full season Fall, Winter and Mini Sessions.  No new enrollment for Session II will be permitted.  All students enrolled in Session I will be rolled over to Session II and Mini Session.  Tution is billed May 1, for Fall Session I, November 1 for Winter / Spring Session II and February 1 for Mini Session.  Dancers should expect extra rehearsals during Spring Performance time. Maintaining good attendance in weekly classes is a must and those who miss too many classes will be asked to move to the Studio track program. At Level 3, Intensive track eligibility is reevaluated for continuation in the program.

Pre-Professional Track (Company only)