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Littlest Dancers (Dance With Me, Creative Movement and Preschool)



Girls wear leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers with elastic sewn across the insteps. Hair is worn neatly secured in a bun with bobby pins.


Kindergarten Ballet — girls wear pink leotard.
Petit Ballet 1 and 2 — girls wear lavender leotard.

Ballet Level 1-6     --- girls wear black leotard

Boys wear black pants, white shirt, black ballet shoes.

Beginning Fall 2021, Intensive Track Ballet:

Level 1--Light Blue 

Level 2--Purple 


Level 3--fuschia 

Level 4--navy blue 

Level 5--burgundy 

Level 6 / Pointe--Black



Leotard and tights, any color. Dance pants or dance shorts are allowed. 

Kindergarten, Petit Tap 1: Black Tap shoes, Capezio N625C, Jr. Tyette
Petite 2, Level 1- Level 6: Black Tap shoes, Bloch or Capezio, lace up tap shoes

*Advanced Tap 

  • Bloch "Respect" lace up tap shoes (Style No: S0361L) *
  • Bloch "Audeo" lace up tap shoes (Style No: S0381L) *



Leotard, tights, BLACK jazz shoes for Kindergarten, Petit Jazz 1 & 2 and TAN shoes for levels 1 and up, dance pants or dance shorts are permitted.No baggy shirts, sweatpants or street shoes.

Bloch "Neo Flex" Slip-On Jazz Shoes or Capezio Child "E-Series" Slip-On Jazz Shoes Style No: EJ2C


Hair should be secured neatly off the face for all dance classes, in a bun for ballet.



Leotard; dance shorts, pants or footless tights; foot Undeez or bare feet.


Littlest Dancer Hip Hop

Leotard and tights, ballet slippers, ballet skirts allowed (elastic waist band and nothing too fussy that may create a distraction for your child).  Black Tap shoes.
Hair should be secured neatly off the face for all dance classes, in a bun for ballet.



Initial Pointe shoe fittings and Pointe shoe recommendation by the Ballet Program Director.  


theraband for class

Hip Hop

Street clothes (sweatpants, baggy T-Shirts etc..) and clean sneakers, Nike Air Max 90.